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BMW S85B50 V10 M5 S85 6.0L Stroker Racing Engine

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BMW S85B50 V10 M5 S85 6.0L Stroker Racing Engine

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BMW S85B50 V10 M5 S85 6.0L Stroker Racing Engine


This Engine is for those seeking the Ultimate High Performance Engine for max N/A Power,

PPM Racing Australia has designed an Ultimate 6.0L Stroker version of BMW S85 V10 engine.

As incredible as the BMW S85B50 engine is in stock form, they do suffer from OEM Rod/Piston/Bearing failures..

PPM Racing Australia has addressed all foreseeable issues with our fully billet internals and developed/built a 680++ HP Monster for those who are looking for the ultimate and best out of their S85 V10 engines…

Features and Specifications:

• Bore: 94mm with Custom Darton Sleeves / Stroke: 86mm Compression Ratio: 10:1 or 12:1

• PPM Racing Australia EN40B Billet Crankshaft with our special surface finishing

• PPM Racing Australia Ultimate Forged Pistons with 2x coatings,H13 pins and NPR Rings

• PPM Racing Australia Ultimate 300M Connecting Rods with our special surface finishing

• Balanced and blueprinted Race Engine

• ARP Custom Head and Main stud kit

• Custom Racing Harmonic Balancer

• ACL Racing Bearings

• Custom Camshafts

• Custom Racing Inconel Oversize Valves

• Custom Valve Springs

• Custom Titanium Retainers

• New Valve Stem Seals

• Custom MLS Head Gasket to suit larger Bore

• Stage 6 cylinder head porting and Polishing

• Serdi throat ports

• Measure new valve guide interference , liquid nitrogen shrink fit new valve guides

• Size and hone finish valve guides

• Trim valve guide stem seal end for valve spring retainer to stem seal clearance

• Serdi seat work

• Rottler S7M machine head gasket surface with our MLS head gasket finish

• Thermal barrier coat combustion chambers

• Thermal barrier coat intake ports

• Thermal barrier coat exhaust ports

• Thermal barrier coat inlet valve heads upto valve guide on valve stem

• Thermal barrier coat exhaust valve heads upto valve guide on valve stem

• Flow bench test after

• Check and set valve spring pressures

• Final visual inspection

• Wrap Engine for Shipping

Customers Must Supply their Own Long Block for this Built.....