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High Performance Surface Finish isotropic Finish Armor

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This highly guarded secret by Aerospace, Formula 1,Nascar component manufacturers is out and now available here at PPM Racing!
Competitive racing parts are subject to very high loads, even shock loading, which means particular care must be taken over the final condition of a components surface. In the competitive racing industry, where striving for ultimate performance is an everyday matter, surface stress and surface finishing must be looked at in every situation and improvements can result in an increase in the endurance limit of 30% with life extensions of 30 times!

Transmission: Gears, shafts and circlips Engine: Crankshafts, Connecting Rods, Valves, Pistons, Piston Rings, Fasteners, Camshafts, Cylinder Heads and Blocks Suspension: Compression, tension and leaf springs and uprights General: Wheels, nuts, gaskets and seat belt fitting


  • Enhance performance
  • Surface reduction to mirror like finishes
  • Reduced contact/surface fatigue
  • Increased lubrication retention and heat transfer
  • Reduction in lubricant temperature
  • Optimum surface roughness and stress characteristics
  • Good rounding ability to sharp edges for ease of handling and assembly
  • Extend performance characteristics
  • Protect critical components
  • Enhance damage tolerance
  • Prevent premature failure
  • Achieve longer life at higher loads
  • Reduce manufacturing times and costs
  • Correction of manufacturing distortion

This special surface treatment is available here at PPM Racing for an extra cost, we can do this treatment to any of our components like our 4340 Billet Crankshafts and H-Beam Connecting Rods!

Please contact us for exact pricing at: sales@ppmrace.com