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Peugeot MI 16 H-Beam Connecting Rods

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Peugeot MI 16 H-Beam Connecting Rods

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4x H-Beam connecting rods for Peugeot MI 16 engines.

C/C 143mm

All PPM 4340 con rods feature

Vacuum de-gassed nickel chrome alloy steel (double-air-re melt)

CNC machined

Heat-treated to Rockwell C38-45

Fully shotpeened

Balanced end to end

Supplied with aluminum-bronze wrist pin bushings and ARP 2000 bolts (rated to 220,000psi tensile strength!)

Low sulphur content (less than 0.025%) for fewer inclusions

Known as AS1444-1996-4340 comparable to 4340 AISI/SAE

Rods Weigh starts from 590g.

Our Rods are rated for 1000+BHP